Our Story

Since our modest beginnings, we have been passionate about touching people’s lives through music.

Since we were founded in 1994, people have come to know us as a place that is so much more than where you can find your drum sticks and guitar strings. We have established ourselves as a favorite place to go in an ever-growing community of artists and entertainers. Our goal has always been to run a business that works cooperatively with the community and nurture young musicians into professionals.

After a change in management several years ago, we are currently moving in an exciting new direction where we still get to be the great music store we always were but now can give an entirely brand new experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

we are located inside of the watauga location of creative soul school of music. 

Will you guys service my [insert instrument or equipment here]?

we can! please refer to our services page to learn more about repairs. best thing to do is call us or send us an email!

I am looking for a specific item. Can you get it for me?

We can make no guarantees if we can get specific products, especially if its from a particular brand that make it hard for smaller shops to carry (sorry, Fender and Gibson fans). But the good news is that we are always willing to find solutions for you. Special orders will need to arranged with the manager. 

Will you buy my used gear?

We will always consider taking in your used gear. We also have the option to donate your used gear to a charity and give to those who depend on your generous donations.

I keep seeing the name Musical Palette a lot with you guys? What is Musical Palette?

Musical Palette was our former name that we did business under. We acquired the name in 2016 and had our business under that name and address up until the end of 2017. In some ways, we are still Musical Palette but every time you hear or see the name, just think of us.

Have other questions?