Instrument Rentals

Fort Worth Music Store offers a wide range of instrument
rentals through our partner:

How to Rent an Instrument in 8 Easy Steps!


When you go to the website, it should
look like this:


You will need to enter our store code to access the rental menu page. Just enter “palette” and then press the green GO button to take you to the next page.


If you see Musical Palette and our address, everything is how it should be! Go ahead and click on the SHOP NOW button to get to the next page.


You should see a wide variety of instruments to choose from. Take your time and search for what you’re looking for. If you are looking to rent a larger instrument like a Cello, Bassoon, Baritone Sax or Tuba, please contact the store for more assistance.


On the page of the instrument you selected, you get to choose a primary and secondary brand to select from if your band director recommends certain brands over others. If you’re unsure about one of the brands, ask your band director if they will be acceptable for their students. Once you have made your selection, you get the option to rent or purchase.


You’ll get to this screen when you’re ready to check out. Although it is optional, it is highly recommended to include the Loss and Damage Waiver with your instrument. The monthly price of this waiver is typically very small and is worth every penny should anything unwanted happen to the instrument. Not selecting this option will hold you liable to pay for anything that happens to the instrument! Don’t take any chances and select this option!


You’re almost done! When you see this screen, just fill in the proper information where it’s required.


This section gives you options to have the instrument either delivered to our store for pickup or shipped directly to your home! Choose which option works best with you.

Instrument Repairs

We repair guitars, amps, keyboard, band instruments and more!
If we can’t fix it, we know
someone that can.

  • Acoustic/Electric Guitar restrings: $30.00 (customer’s choice of strings included)
  • Classical guitar restrings: $35.00 (strings included)
  • Floating tremolo restring (excluding set-up, same string gauges): $35.00
  • Floating tremolo restring (including set-up, must specify tuning): $60.00
  • 12 string guitar, Mandolin & Banjo restring: $30.00 (strings not included)
  • Ukulele restring: $25.00 (strings included)
  • Guitar/bass set-up and/or electronic maintenance: $55.00
  • Single string replacement and tuning: $5.00 plus price of string
  • Strap button install: $7.50 for one or $10.00 a pair
  • Electronic passive pickup install (3 single coils or 2 humbuckers): $50.00
  • Electronic active pickup install: $65.00
  • Violin & viola restring: $60.00 (strings included)
  • Violin or Banjo set-up: starts at $75.00
  • Single violin string replacement and tuning: $15.00 plus price of string
  • Clarinet joint cork replacement: $20.00
  • Saxophone neck cork replacement: $25.00
  • Full Clarinet or Flute re-pad: starts at $150.00
  • Full Saxophone re-pad: starts at $200.00
  • Auto Harp/Chromaharp tuning: $25.00
  • Auto Harp/Chromaharp Restring: $100.00
  • Stringed Instrument tuning: $5.00

**Repair price estimates must be done in-person and are at the discretion of the manager.

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